[Python-Dev] Need Survey Answers from Core Developers

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri May 18 17:23:46 CEST 2007

Time is short and I'm still looking for answers to some questions about
cPython, so that it makes a good showing in the Forrester survey.

1) How is the project governed?  How does the community make decisions
   on what goes into a release?

   You know, I've been a member of the Python community for many years
   -- I know about PEPs, Guido as BDFL, and +1/-1.  But I've never
   figured out exactly how -final- decisions are made on what goes
   into a release.  I've never needed to, until now.  Can someone
   explain in one paragraph?

2) Does the language have a formal defined release plan?

   I know Zope 3's release plan, every six months, but not that of
   Python.  Is there a requirement to push a release out the door
   every N months, as some projects do, or is each release
   separately negotiated with developers around a planned set
   of features?

3) Some crude idea of how many new major and minor features were
   added in the last release?  Yes, I know this is difficult -- the
   idea it so get some measure of the evolution/stability of cPython
   re features.  Jython and IronPython are probably changing rapidly
   -- cPython, not such much.

4) How many committers to the cPython core are there?

   I don't have the necessary access to the pydotorg infrastructure
   to answer this -- can someone who does help me out here?

Thanks for any one-line answers you can dash off to me today.

Jeff Rush
Python Advocacy Coordinator

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