[Python-Dev] Mass PEP status changes

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Fri May 18 19:40:40 CEST 2007

With the help of Neal Norwitz, Jeremy Hylton, Alex Martelli and Collin
Winter, I've greatly reduced the set of open PEPs numbered less than
3000. Here's a summary. Please speak up if we've made a grave error; I
take all responsibility for the final decisions.

Positive Decisions (Marked Accepted or Final)

 SF  237  Unifying Long Integers and Integers          Zadka, GvR
Marked as Final; there's no work left to be done.

 I   287  reStructuredText Docstring Format            Goodger
Status changed from Draft to Active.

 SA  302  New Import Hooks                             JvR, Moore
Marked Accepted. Should this be marked Final, or is there still an
unimplemented part?

 SF  331  Locale-Independent Float/String Conversions  Reis
Marked Final; this was done years ago (Python 2.3?).

Negative Decisions (Rejected, Withdrawn or Deferred)

 SW  228  Reworking Python's Numeric Model             Zadka, GvR
Withdrawn in favor of PEP 3141 (numeric ABCs).

 SR  256  Docstring Processing System Framework        Goodger
Rejected; seems to have run out of steam.

 SR  258  Docutils Design Specification                Goodger
Rejected; docutils is no longer slated for stdlib inclusion.

 SD  267  Optimized Access to Module Namespaces        Hylton
Deferred; no-one has had time for this.

 SR  268  Extended HTTP functionality and WebDAV       Stein
Rejected for lack of interest or progress.

 SD  280  Optimizing access to globals                 GvR
Deferred; no-one has had time for this.

 SW  296  Adding a bytes Object Type                   Gilbert
Was withdrawn long ago in favor of PEP 358 (the bytes object).

 SR  297  Support for System Upgrades                  Lemburg
Rejected; failed to generate support.

 SD  323  Copyable Iterators                           Martelli
Deferred due to lack of interest.

 IR  350  Codetags                                     Elliott
Rejected for lack of will to standardize. XXX lives!

 SR  354  Enumerations in Python                       Finney
Rejected; not enough interest, not sufficiently Pythonic.

 SR  355  Path - Object oriented filesystem paths      Lindqvist
Rejected as being the ultimate kitchen sink.

 SR  754  IEEE 754 Floating Point Special Values       Warnes
Rejected for lack of progress.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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