[Python-Dev] Need Survey Answers from Core Developers

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Fri May 18 20:39:44 CEST 2007

    Jeff> 1) How is the project governed?  How does the community make
    Jeff>    decisions on what goes into a release?

    Jeff>    You know, I've been a member of the Python community for many
    Jeff>    years -- I know about PEPs, Guido as BDFL, and +1/-1.  But I've
    Jeff>    never figured out exactly how -final- decisions are made on
    Jeff>    what goes into a release.  I've never needed to, until now.
    Jeff>    Can someone explain in one paragraph?

Consensus (most of the time) and GvR pronouncements for significant
changes.  There are situations where Guido has simply pronounced when the
community seemed unable to settle on one solution.  Decorators come to mind.

    Jeff> 2) Does the language have a formal defined release plan?

    Jeff>    I know Zope 3's release plan, every six months, but not that of
    Jeff>    Python.  Is there a requirement to push a release out the door
    Jeff>    every N months, as some projects do, or is each release
    Jeff>    separately negotiated with developers around a planned set
    Jeff>    of features?

PEP 6? PEP 101?  PEP 102?

There is no hard-and-fast time schedule.  I believe minor releases leave the
station approximately every 18-24 months, micro releases roughly every six

    Jeff> 3) Some crude idea of how many new major and minor features were
    Jeff>    added in the last release?  Yes, I know this is difficult -- the
    Jeff>    idea it so get some measure of the evolution/stability of cPython
    Jeff>    re features.  Jython and IronPython are probably changing rapidly
    Jeff>    -- cPython, not such much.

Haven't the slightest idea.  Check Andrew's What's New document.

    Jeff> 4) How many committers to the cPython core are there?

71, according to the Assignee menu in SourceForge.  I suspect at most a
quarter of them are active.


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