[Python-Dev] Summary of Tracker Issues

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> O.R.Senthil Kumaran writes:
>  > :-) My idea was, a human got to answer it unscrambled as 'fourth' as
> he
>  > "understands" what the question is and gives the proper answer.
>  > Agreed, there could be confusion at first.
> password, or they say WTF!!  In that case we could lose all the bug
> reports they were ever going to write.

That's bad.

> If we're going to do CAPTCHA, what we're looking for is something that
> any 4 year old does automatically, but machines can't do at all.
> Visual recognition used to be one, but isn't any more.  The CAPTCHA
> literature claims that segmentation still is (dividing complex images
> into letters), but that's nontrivial for humans, too, and I think that
> machines will eventually catch up.  (Ie, within a handful of months.)

Complex backgrounds used?  Colorful foreground on a interior decorating

Also gradient foreground, gradient background.

> I think it would be better to do content.  URLs come to mind; without
> something clickable, most commercial spam would be hamstrung.  But
> few bug reports and patches need to contain URLs, except for
> specialized local ones pointing to related issues.
> For example, how about requiring user interaction to display any post
> containing an URL, until an admin approves it?  Or you could provide a
> preview containing the first two non-empty lines not containing an
> URL.  This *would* be inconvenient for large attachments and other
> data where the reporter prefers to provide an URL rather than the
> literal data, but OTOH only people who indicate they really want to
> see spam would see it.  ;-)

Block spam or hide?  Maybe a reader is what you want.

"Posting a URL requires heavier spam-proofing.  Click here to authenticate
yourself."  Takes you to ours- the PL question.

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