[Python-Dev] The docs, reloaded

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Thu May 24 15:05:38 CEST 2007

Nick Craig-Wood schrieb:

>> > It is missing conversion of ``comment'' at the moment as I'm sure you
>> > know...
>>  Sorry, what did you mean?
> ``comment'' produces smart quotes in latex if I remember correctly.
> You probably want to convert it somehow because it looks a bit odd on
> the web page as it stands.  I'm not sure what the reST replacement
> might be, but converting it just to "comment" would probably be OK.
> Likewise with `comment' to 'comment'.
> For an example see the first paragraph here:
>   http://pydoc.gbrandl.de/reference/index.html

Okay, there's now support for SmartyPants in Subversion -- it converts
these quotes as well as triple dashes to their pretty equivalents.


Thus spake the Lord: Thou shalt indent with four spaces. No more, no less.
Four shall be the number of spaces thou shalt indent, and the number of thy
indenting shall be four. Eight shalt thou not indent, nor either indent thou
two, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Tabs are right out.

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