[Python-Dev] python/trunk/Lib/test/test_urllib.py (for ftpwrapper)

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Mon May 28 21:41:37 CEST 2007

ocean wrote:

> After I did this change, most errors were gone.
> Index: Lib/urllib.py
> ===================================================================
> --- Lib/urllib.py (revision 55584)
> +++ Lib/urllib.py (working copy)
> @@ -833,7 +833,7 @@
>          self.busy = 0
>          self.ftp = ftplib.FTP()
>          self.ftp.connect(self.host, self.port, self.timeout)
> -        self.ftp.login(self.user, self.passwd)
> +#        self.ftp.login(self.user, self.passwd)
>          for dir in self.dirs:
>              self.ftp.cwd(dir)
> I don't know, but probably 'login' on Win2000 is problamatic.

But you can *not* do this, you're trimming functionality from this

The test that I left commented out in test_urllib.py just tries to
simulate the first two FTP server answers, one saying "hello", and the
other asking for the user.

This is just to test ftpwrapper in its more basic first steps. The
simulation goes ok in linux, but not in windows. But the problem is
clearly in the tests, even if I can not find it, not in the
urllib module. 


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