[Python-Dev] UTF8 in the PEP branch

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Oct 12 14:55:54 CEST 2007

> Looking the file through the web browser, I see:
>   Version: $Revision$
>   Last-Modified: $Date$
> So, SVN is touching that. I guess that that is actually the idea, but
> is breaking thing for us-non-7bits-speakers, :)

Please read about the svn:keywords feature, and yes, that is the idea.

> I see two solutions to this:
> - Find a way to specify something in the original PEP file so SVN
> translates always the dates in English.

Are you sure you are talking about the file that contains the
PEP itself? Or are you perhaps talking about the source code of

AFAICT, the problem is in docutils, not in the PEPs.

> - Touch the .py and adapt them to support this characters.
> I prefer point 2.
> What do you think? (if it's ok, I'll add the "coding" line in the
> files where is needed).

I cannot answer that question, because I don't understand your
proposal. What file would you like to touch, and are you sure
you have write permission to it?


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