[Python-Dev] Product function patch [issue 1093]

Steven H. Rogers steve at shrogers.com
Tue Sep 4 13:57:30 CEST 2007

Greg Ewing wrote:
> Guido van Rossum wrote:
>> But what's the point, given that numpy already exists? Wouldn't you
>> just be redoing the work that numpy has already done?
> Sometimes I just want to do something simple like
> adding two vectors together, and it seems unreasonable
> to add the whole of numpy as a dependency just to
> get that. ...
> I'd like to see some of the core machinery of numpy moved
> into the Python stdlib, and numpy refactored so that it
> builds on that. Then there wouldn't be duplication.
Concur.  Array processing would be a very practical addition to the 
standard library.  It's used extensively in engineering, finance, and 
the sciences.  It looks like they may find room in the OLPC XO for key 
subsets of NumPy and Matplotlib.  They want it both as a teaching 
resource and to optimize their software suite as a whole.  If they're 
successful, we'll have a lot of young pythoneers expecting this 

# Steve

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