[Python-Dev] fixing tests on windows

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 17:00:26 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 12:42 AM, Neal Norwitz <nnorwitz at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Windows buildbots are still failing because some tests keep files
>  opened.  This causes subsequent tests which use the same file to fail.
>  Here is a recent run which had a failure early on:
>  http://www.python.org/dev/buildbot/stable/x86%20XP-3%20trunk/builds/1209/step-test/0
>  I'm assuming the first failure (test_bufio) was due to an open file.
>  (Can't tell, no error msg.)  That means the problem was in that test
>  or an earlier test.  The only earlier tests are:
>  test_import
>  test_sys
>  test_descr
>  test_xdrlib
>  test_urllibnet
>  test_binhex
>  test_strptime
>  test_importhooks
>  test_copy
>  test_hmac
>  test_genericpath
>  test_complex
>  test_timeout
>  test_quopri
>  test_marshal
>  test_zipfile
>  test_mutants
>  test_csv
>  test_ucn
>  test_hash
>  test_wsgiref
>  test_mmap
>  test_ftplib
>  test_pickletools
>  test_codecmaps_cn
>  Of those tests, only some of them reference TESTFN which is the probable file:
>  test_import 22
>  test_descr 3
>  test_urllibnet 2
>  test_binhex 2
>  test_genericpath 44
>  test_complex 3
>  test_marshal 33
>  test_zipfile 136
>  test_mutants 7
>  test_mmap 32
>  I inspected test_mmap which had been modified somewhat recently and
>  tried to fix a few things.  I'm not sure I helped and there are
>  probably more problems lurking.
>  This issue may not be noticed in the default test run.  It definitely
>  occurs when the tests are run in a random order as they are on the
>  buildbots.  Try running:  ./python.exe ./Lib/test/regrtest.py -r
>  That should help provoke more errors.

At the sprints, I ran into a bunch of similar errors running the test
suite on my Windows Vista box, even on tests that were properly
cleaning up after themselves in tearDown(). I even tried putting in
sleeps as long as 1 second, to no avail. The only way to get the test
suite to run without these errors was to stop the Windows Search
Service, fully disable Icon Overlays for TortoiseSVN, and then close
down all open folders.

Any chance the boxes the tests are being run on are running the
Windows Search Service or have Icon Overlays enabled for TortoiseSVN?

(If anyone has any ideas of how to get around these problems, I'd love
to hear them. Seems like I shouldn't have to disable these services.)

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