[Python-Dev] [Python-3000] the release gods are angry at python

Trent Nelson tnelson at onresolve.com
Wed Apr 2 09:58:35 CEST 2008

> > In the py3k branch I've assigned the audio resource to the winsound
> > tests. Only regrtest.py -uall or -uaudio runs the winsound test.
> Reason:
> > the test sound was freaking out my poor cat. :/
> I feel with your cat ;-).
> This would not help on the buildbot since it runs 'rt.bat -d -q -uall -
> rw'.

I feel for the poor NOC engineers at my colo that freak out when some random server in a farm of thousands starts making bizarre sounds.

I detest test_winsound.  There are so many corner cases you need to account for that makes the test pointless as you end up wrapping everything in except: pass blocks.  Does the system have a legacy beep driver?  Is it enabled?  Is it disabled?  Is there a sound card?  Is it enabled or disabled?  Pah!

+1 to removing audio out of -uall, if only for the sake of cats, erroneously red buildbots, and poor ServerCentral NOC engineers.


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