[Python-Dev] fixing tests on windows

Trent Nelson tnelson at onresolve.com
Wed Apr 9 16:44:50 CEST 2008

> Thanks for the prod, Trent. In short, yes, I spent some time
> on this over the weekend but haven't had time since. I found
> myself becoming more and more worried at the amount I had to
> change, especially given rumblings on the list concerning not
> changing the tests if possible.

> I was heartened to see that you'd gone ahead with the --
> almost as invasive -- socket test changes. If you'd like to
> take on what I've got so far, or simply to adopt your own
> strategy, please feel free.

I don't hold any weight to rumblings regarding "not changing the tests if possible".  The tests need to change.  They were never written with the intent to run in parallel without any resource contention.  That's an important goal, now.  Please send over any patches you've got, everything will be useful!  Now that the dust has (sort of) settled on the network-oriented tests, I'm ready to start attacking the I/O ones.


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