[Python-Dev] Need help for SWIG's Python 3.0 backend

Haoyu Bai divinekid at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 18:35:47 CEST 2008


I am a Google Summer of Code student who preparing a SWIG's Python 3.0 
support proposal. Here's detail of my proposal:


And abstract shown below for convenient:

This project adds Python 3.0 support for SWIG. We will add a "-3" option 
to SWIG's current backend, which indicates SWIG to generate wrapper for 
Python 3. We also make SWIG generate more efficient code and more clear 
proxy by utilizing Python 3's new features.

The considered features are as follows:

     * Function Annotations

     * Mutable Buffer Support

     * Abstract Base Classes

I have read PEPs and Python 3's document, then did some experiment on 
the API. I have modified a SWIG generated wrapper code by hand so it can 
  running with Python 3.0.

However, there still some API changes I can't handle. SWIG used some 
undocumented C API, for example the _PyInstance_Lookup(). And some API 
disappeared, I can't found the alternative of them, for example 

I think I will need a lot of help from Python developers if my proposal 
is accepted. So I post this here to make sure if I can get help when 
doing this project. And I really appreciate if you can give any advice 
about how to solve the problems I mentioned before.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Haoyu Bai

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