[Python-Dev] weird configure (autotools) setup

Sérgio Durigan Júnior sergiodj at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Apr 15 19:48:07 CEST 2008

Hi Jeroen

On Sat, 2008-04-12 at 12:00 +0200, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
> Why is CFLAGS in Makefile.pre.in specified as
> whereas that will negate any CFLAGS you pass to configure?

I suggest you read (and follow) this issue:


Bob and I are discussing the same thing, so if you want to help us in
this effort of making Python's build system more flexible and correct,
you're really welcome.


Sérgio Durigan Júnior
Linux on Power Toolchain - Software Engineer
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