[Python-Dev] PyArg_ParseTuple and Py_BuildValue question

Alvin Delagon adelagon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 03:23:39 CEST 2008

Hello fellow pythonistas,

I'm currently writing a simple python SCTP module in C. So far it works
sending and receiving strings from it. The C sctp function sctp_sendmsg()
has been wrapped and my function looks like this:

sendMessage(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
  const char *msg = "";
  if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "s", &msg))
    return NULL;
  snprintf(buffer, 1025, msg);
  ret = sctp_sendmsg(connSock, (void *)buffer, (size_t)strlen(buffer), 0, 0,
0x03000000, 0, 0, 0, 0);
  return Py_BuildValue("b", "");

I'm going to construct an SS7 packet in python using struct.pack(). Here's
the question, how am I going to pass the packet I wrote in python to my
module and back? I already asked this question in comp.lang.python but so
far no responses yet. I hope anyone can point me to the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

Alvin Delagon
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