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Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Wed Apr 23 05:09:49 CEST 2008

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Trent Nelson wrote:
| I remember those rampant BSDDB crashes on Windows well.
| basically, the tests weren't cleaning up their environment in
| the right order, so BSDDB was getting passed completely and
| utterly bogus values.

Next week I will (if nothing goes wrong) publish pybsddb 4.6.4. This
release supports distributed transactions and replication, testsuite is
way faster, and rewritten to be able to launch tests from multiple
threads/processes if you wish, setuptools/pypi support, etc.

I think this release would be appropiate to integrate in Python. I think
most demands are solved and new features are interesting (replication,
distributed transactions, do not crash when closing objects in the wrong
order...). Also, I completed the documentation, with the full supported
API, and ported it to Python 2.6 documentation system. The result:


I'm very interested in integrating this release in Python 2.6 for the
new features, the full documentation, and to get feedback from Buildbot
and python-dev community. Also, I would like to avoid to integrate
pybsddb late in the python 2.6 release cycle; I hope to be away of my
computer in August! :).

I'm a bit nervous about syncing, because I have the feeling that
python-dev is committing changes to python private branch of pybsddb. I
would rather prefer patches send to me and integrate "canonical" pybsddb
releases in Python frequently.

Somebody suggested to post patches in the tracker, but I think this is
not going to work. The diff from current python bsddb and the official
version is so huge that nobody could follow it. A more sensible
approach, I think, is to "diff" current python pybsddb against the
version I used as my root (January?), integrate the changes in current
"canonical" pybsddb and, then, drop the entire updated package into python.

Then, commits to python pybsddb should be avoided; patches should be
send to me.

I think this is the only way when integrating a project outside python
SVN. Suggestions?.

PS: I can't comment on Win64. It is an alien world to me :).

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