[Python-Dev] Debian/alpha test_math failures

Mark Dickinson dickinsm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 23:06:01 CEST 2008

Hello all,
test_math is currently failing on the Debian/alpha buildbots (trunk and
I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out what's going wrong, and I'm
starting to run out of ideas, so I thought I'd ask the list for help to see
anyone has any useful suggestions.

Details of the failure:  running the following code:

from math import log
ar = 9.88e-324
x = log(ar)


ValueError: math domain error

Somehow, it looks like errno is getting set to something nonzero in
math_1_from_whatever in mathmodule.c, but I really can't figure out

I've tried adding '-mieee' to the gcc compile flags, and I've added a bunch
of autoconf tests to verify that log(9.88e-324) succeeds, produces
roughly the right result, and doesn't set errno to anything nonzero.
All the autoconf tests that should pass do.  So I can't find anything
wrong with the libm implementation of log.

test_math is fine on Tru64/alpha.

Does anyone have access to a Linux/alpha machine, and a few minutes
to figure out exactly what's failing?  Or any suggestions about what might
be failing.  I'm open to wild ideas at this point... :-)

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