[Python-Dev] Matrix product

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Fri Aug 1 23:57:04 CEST 2008

Fernando Perez wrote:
> I am hereby volunteering to try to organize a BOF session at the conference on this topic, and can come back later with the summary.  I'm also scheduled to give a talk at BayPiggies on Numpy/Scipy soon after the conference, so that may be a good opportunity to have some further discussions in person with some of you.
> So if this idea sounds agreeable to python-dev, I'd need to know whether I should propose the BOF using pep 225 as a starting point, or if there are any other considerations on the matter I should be aware of (I've read this thread in full, but I just want to start on track since the BOF is a one-shot event).  I'll obviously post this on the numpy/scipy mailing lists so those not coming to the conference can participate, but an all-hands BOF is an excellent opportunity to collect feedback and ideas from the community that is likely to care most about this feature.

When I read this some years ago, I was impressed by the unifying concept 
of operations on elements versus objects.  And rereading, I plan to use 
the concept in writing about computation with Python.  But implementing 
even half of the total examples with operator syntax rather than 
functions seemed a bit revolutionary and heavy.  I am not sure I would 
want the number of __special__ methods nearly doubled.  On the other 
hand, there is something to be said for orthogonality.

That said, I am curious what working scientists using Python think.


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