[Python-Dev] [Pydotorg] Should we help pythonmac.org?

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Tue Aug 19 09:45:43 CEST 2008

> Bill Janssen wrote:
>>> I strongly recommend that we *NOT* make macports.org the main,
>>> official Mac OS X version of Python. Secondary is fine, but not
>>> primary. Macports is what the name says: it's a system of Mac ports of
>>> Linux packages, mostly command-line only.
>> I agree with David about this.
>>> The official Mac Python should be an OS X application, with an icon,
>>> living in /Applications, ideally with a Mac-standard editor app  (the
>>> 2.5.1 I have has IDLE), etc.
>> No, probably not.  Frankly, I think the official Mac Python should be
>> (and is) /usr/bin/python, the version that Apple ships with the
>> system.  I always try to make my stuff work with that Python, instead
>> of installing a different version, which in my experience usually
>> leads to grief somewhere down the road.
> I've certainly heard many tales of Mac users coming to grief because
> they decided to overwrite their system Python, or tried to be clever and
> run multiple interpreters (which is usually somewhat less disastrous).

The Mac system depends a lot on stuff that comes installed with the system
version of Python - including specific versions of Twisted etc.

I *thought* (relative Mac newbie), the standard advice was that if you
want to install extension modules then you should install your own version
of Python and not mess with the system version.

Meaning that you have to maintain two Python installs - something that
hasn't been a problem for me yet. So even if Mac OS ships with Python 2.6,
many users will still want to install their own version.

The default page for Python on the Mac is horribly out of date:

No mention of Leopard.


> I guess this underlines the fact that Apple don't really want the hoi
> polloi tinkering with their systems; it's somewhat tedious when code is
> released for later Python versions and you have to privately backport,
> though, isn't it?
> There have been hints dropped that if the 2.6 release hits its deadline
> it will be incorporated into vendor builds. Let's hope one of them is
> MacOS, then at least it'll be relatively up to date.
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