[Python-Dev] [Pydotorg] Should we help pythonmac.org?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Tue Aug 19 13:25:22 CEST 2008

Leonardo Santagada wrote:
> -1 to use mac ports python as the base python
> On 18/08/2008, at 22:18, Bill Janssen wrote:
>>> The official Mac Python should be an OS X application, with an icon,
>>> living in /Applications, ideally with a Mac-standard editor app  (the
>>> 2.5.1 I have has IDLE), etc.
>> No, probably not.  Frankly, I think the official Mac Python should be
>> (and is) /usr/bin/python, the version that Apple ships with the
>> system.  I always try to make my stuff work with that Python, instead
>> of installing a different version, which in my experience usually
>> leads to grief somewhere down the road.
> I don't think this way, the official python should be the one from 
> python.org, as it is on windows or there will be no point to make python 
> 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 (or any point release that is not incorporated in 
> vendors builds).
> The only grief I ever had in using the python from python.org is that I 
> have to compile PyObjC from source, but this can be easily fixed.
> Talking about this, why not just point pythonmac.org to python.org 
> python version and release the packages as eggs on cheeseshop? 
> (specially py2exe and pyobjc as those are usually heavily needed on macs).
I'm suspicious of any solution involving the word "just". I suppose we 
will "just" be able to recruit volunteers to maintain the additional 

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