[Python-Dev] "error: None" when building extensions under 2.6

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Aug 24 15:26:45 CEST 2008

Thomas Heller wrote:

>> I'm beginning to suspect that I have a botched VS install on this 
>> machine, though.  I'll investigate.
> Do you get a traceback when you set the DISTUTILS_DEBUG environment
 > variable?

Indeed I do:

   File "c:\python26\lib\distutils\msvc9compiler.py", line 436, in compile
   File "c:\python26\lib\distutils\msvc9compiler.py", line 347, in 
     vc_env = query_vcvarsall(VERSION, plat_spec)
   File "c:\python26\lib\distutils\msvc9compiler.py", line 239, in 
     raise IOError("Unable to find vcvarsall.bat")

Oops.  Guess that's what you get for having too many Windows development 
boxes ;-)

(a nicer error message in non-debug mode would be a good thing, I think.)


PS. Can any resident Microsoft compiler expert perhaps summarize the 
differences between the Express Edition and the "real" editions wrt. 
generated code?  Are there any differences at all?

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