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Had a brief offline discussion with Michele - forwarding.

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> Hi Michele,
> Do you have a URL for this blog?

Sorry, here it is:

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I skimmed (will read in detail later). As an "intermediate" (I'll describe
myself as) Python developer, I tend not to use/understand super (I just call
baseclassname.methodname(self,...) directly, so I guess I'm the target
audience of this article. It's good - very informative and thorough.

It's a bit too informal, personal, and opinionative to be used as
"documentation" IMHO but it could certainly be cleaned up without being

Of interest though, is this:
"The first sentence is just plain wrong: super does not return the

>From what I remember of using super, this statement is true, and the
documentation is wrong (or at least over-simplifies things).
Perhaps this should be amended? (A brief statement to the effect of super
creating a proxy object which can call the methods of any base class). It
actually mentions the "super object" later, even though it claims to be
returning the superclass.

Also Michele, looks as if super in Python 3 works about the same but has the
additional feature of supporting 0 arguments, in which case it defaults to
super(this_class, first_arg). (Does not create unbound super objects).

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