[Python-Dev] Python for windows.

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We do not install that on first boot.

I can not tell how it is install but on first boot python is already there and installed properly


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Hi all,

I didn't look at the thread until this morning.

The OEM ready program required that the installed force to program files.
But as we preinstalled we use your msi with a normal parameter: python-2.5.2.msi TARGETDIR=c:\program files\python"

That why I didn't ask you about that.

WE have done already few weeks of test and nothing is breaking up to now :)

Now about the 2 others issues what will be the easier way to fix them properly ?
- for the executable without manifest as we are on vista OS only I can add a manifest for vista outside the executable it should work.
- for python_icon.exe I do not know what is calling it in start menu can you help me on that ?


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> Of course, I don't object to that and still think we should help where we
> can, but if that is true it would make the premise of this thread a little
> misleading, as obviously HP could then make *any* necessary changes without
> our agreement or even knowledge.

Perhaps. However, "help where we can" is about right. If its only the
changes HP discussed so far, I think we should be able to help.
For the Program Files issue, without going into the discussion whether
Python's defaults are good or not, I think there would be still a number
of technical solutions (such as providing a merge module which changes
the default).

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