[Python-Dev] Merging flow

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Dec 11 21:10:07 CET 2008

> Yeah, that's why I asked. I tried what Martin suggested with r67698 by
> just saying I'd resolved the conflict, which added the single revision
> I was merging from to the svnmerge-integrated property. It didn't add
> the two original revisions. 

Can you elaborate? What are the "two original revisions" it didn't add?

If you are referring to the trunk revisions - that's fine. As far
as svnmerge is concerned, we merge revisions from the 3k branch
to the 3.0 maintenance branch. The original revisions don't exist
on the 3k branch (they have an empty changeset), so it's not a
problem that they didn't get recorded as merged.


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