[Python-Dev] How to force export of a particular symbol from python.exe?

Jim Murphy jmurphy41 at mac.com
Mon Dec 15 20:59:51 CET 2008


You wrote:

   "That's not the issue. Had pymath.o been linked into python, it's
    symbols would have been exported (is that proper use of English

Yes, it's a proper and idiomatic use of the subjunctive mood, which
many native (American) English speakers manage to mangle.

I also noticed you wrote the following a few emails later on the
python-dev list:

     "Using that would require to split pymath.c into multiple files."

My ear tells me that either "that would require splitting pymath,c ..."
or "that would require one to split pymat.c ..." is much more  
than "that would require to split ...," but I can't cite a rule. It is  
acceptable to use either the infinitive  or the gerund form of a verb,  
would imply that "to split" should be interchangeable with  
"splitting," but
I believe that some verbs have preferences for one form over the other.

My ear seems to be thinking of the template "require someone to do
something," and rebels at hearing the "to" without a "someone."  That's
the  best excuse for a rule I could come up with.

I actually spent a half-hour trying to find rules on the uses in  
English of
infinitives versus gerunds and did not find anything definitive. I  
now, to my disgust,  that English usage is very badly afflicted with
"special casing."

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