[Python-Dev] How to force export of a particular symbol from python.exe?

Steve Holden steve at holdenweb.com
Mon Dec 15 22:09:49 CET 2008

Jim Murphy wrote:
> Martin:
> You wrote:
>   "That's not the issue. Had pymath.o been linked into python, it's
>    symbols would have been exported (is that proper use of English
>    tenses?)"
It does, however, make the common mistake of putting an apostrophe in a
possessive personal pronoun.

> Yes, it's a proper and idiomatic use of the subjunctive mood, which
> many native (American) English speakers manage to mangle.
> I also noticed you wrote the following a few emails later on the
> python-dev list:
>     "Using that would require to split pymath.c into multiple files."
> My ear tells me that either "that would require splitting pymath,c ..."
> or "that would require one to split pymat.c ..." is much more grammatical
> than "that would require to split ...," but I can't cite a rule. It is
> frequently
> acceptable to use either the infinitive  or the gerund form of a verb,
> which
> would imply that "to split" should be interchangeable with "splitting," but
> I believe that some verbs have preferences for one form over the other.
> My ear seems to be thinking of the template "require someone to do
> something," and rebels at hearing the "to" without a "someone."  That's
> the  best excuse for a rule I could come up with.
> I actually spent a half-hour trying to find rules on the uses in English of
> infinitives versus gerunds and did not find anything definitive. I realize
> now, to my disgust,  that English usage is very badly afflicted with
> "special casing."
This is only significant because Martin is a perfectionist who wants to
write better English. I can't remember a time when his
slightly-less-than-perfect command of the language rendered anything he
wrote incomprehensible.

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