[Python-Dev] [Python-3000] python-3000 list is closed

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Dec 16 08:15:33 CET 2008

skip at pobox.com wrote:
>     Martin> The mailing list python-3000 at python.org is now closed. All
>     Martin> further discussion of Python 3.x takes place on
>     Martin> python-dev at python.org.
> Maybe set up a simple email alias reflecting python-3000 to python-dev?

It is currently mirrored to news.gmane.org (which is how I have read it 
and all other Python lists).  I presume they will want to keep their 
archive (or maybe not), but whatever bot is set up might take their bots 
into consideration, unless there is a way to explicitly close it on 
their end.  (I am ignorant of this sort of stuff, but appreciate the 


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