[Python-Dev] extremely slow exit for program having huge (45G) dict (python 2.5.2)

Kristján Valur Jónsson kristjan at ccpgames.com
Sat Dec 20 19:25:25 CET 2008

You can always try poor-man's profiling, which is surprisingly useful in the face of massive performance problems.
Just attach a debugger to the program, and when it suffering from a performance problem, break the execution on a regular basis. You are statistically very likely to get a callstack representative of the problem you are having.
Do this a few times and you will get a fair impression of what the program is spending its time on.
>From the debugger, you can also examine the python callstack of the program by examinging the 'f' local variable in the Frame Evaluation function.

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I'm not sure exactly how to attack this.  Callgrind is cool, but no
way will work on something this size.  Timed ltrace output might be
interesting.  Or maybe a gprof'ed Python, though that's more work.

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