[Python-Dev] Hello everyone + little question around Cpython/stackless

Pascal Chambon chambon.pascal at wanadoo.fr
Mon Dec 22 22:49:58 CET 2008

Hello snakemen and snakewomen

I'm Pascal Chambon, a french engineer just leaving my Telecom School, 
blatantly fond of Python, of its miscellaneous offsprings and of all 
what's around dynamic languages and high level programming concepts.

I'm currently studying all I can find on stackless python, PYPY and the 
concepts they've brought to Python, and so far I wonder : since 
stackless python claims to be 100% compatible with CPython's extensions, 
faster, and brings lots of fun stuffs (tasklets, coroutines and no C 
stack), how comes it hasn't been merged back, to become the standard 
'fast' python implementation ? Would I have missed some crucial point 
around there ? Isn't that a pity to maintain two separate branches if 
they actually complete each other very well ?

Waiting for your lights on this subject,

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