[Python-Dev] A word of warning against using sqlite3 from MacPorts

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sun Feb 3 03:10:24 CET 2008

I was running the test suite today and I was getting a segfault in
test_sqlite. That seemed odd since I had not seen any issues on any
buildbots. And running the test independently was fine.

Noticing that sqlite 3.5.5 was recently available I had MacPorts
update. Unfortunately this didn't fix things. I narrowed things down
to running test_ctypes before test_sqlite as the trigger. In order to
debug I wanted to use a version of sqlite that I had compiled.

So after figuring out which package to download (turned out to be the
amalgamation version with shell.c and the included makefile), and
discovering a bug in setup.py where directories from CPPFLAGS were
being searched in reversed from their declared order, I managed to get
a build with my own version and the problem went away.

So I suspect that sqlite3 from MacPorts is built in such a way as to
cause issues. This on Leopard which might also somehow influence


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