[Python-Dev] Any tips to tell sprinter at PyCon about developing on Windows?

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Sun Feb 3 03:20:13 CET 2008

This year at PyCon, sprint coaches are giving tutorials up to three
hours long the night before sprinting starts. Being the sprint coach
on the core means that I get to be that person for the core. Here is
to hoping people wait for me for dinner that night.

Anyway, to make the tutorial as useful as possible I need to worry
about Windows users. But being an OS X/UNIX user, I don't know how to
help these people. =) As or right now I am going to point them to the
readme.txt file in PCbuild for build instructions. But I don't know if
there is any tips or tricks I should be pointing out to them in terms
of developing on Python. I mean I assume they can use the build
executable from their svn checkout and have it pick up changes they
make to code in the checkout, right? I honestly don't know how
different it is to develop on Windows than on UNIX.

So any info that people can give me to cover would be helpful.


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