[Python-Dev] Any tips to tell sprinter at PyCon about developing on Windows?

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Sun Feb 3 11:53:21 CET 2008

Christian Heimes wrote:
> I can provide some guidance for the poor Windows souls. :] The VS 2008
> Express Edition makes it easy to compile Python on Windows. There is no
> need to install any extra SDK packages, additional compilers or whatsoever.

[... snip loads of useful info ...]

> The PCbuild directory contains several helper bat files. The most
> important files are build_env.bat and rt.bat. Build_env.bat opens a
> command prompt and sets several env vars. 

Just a note for those using the Express Edition: the build.bat file
which builds the Python project on the command line assumes that the
name of the executable is devenv.exe. In fact, for "Visual Studio Express
2008 for C++" (or whatever it's called) the executable is vcexpress.exe.
Basically, whatever .exe the Start Menu shortcut for Visual Studio Express
points to, that's your filename. Change it in the build.bat file and Bob's
Your Uncle!

Thanks again to Christian for all the work he's put in to support
VS 2008 (Express).


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