[Python-Dev] Any tips to tell sprinter at PyCon about developing on Windows?

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Sun Feb 3 13:33:38 CET 2008

Tim Golden wrote:
> Just a note for those using the Express Edition: the build.bat file
> which builds the Python project on the command line assumes that the
> name of the executable is devenv.exe. In fact, for "Visual Studio Express
> 2008 for C++" (or whatever it's called) the executable is vcexpress.exe.
> Basically, whatever .exe the Start Menu shortcut for Visual Studio Express
> points to, that's your filename. Change it in the build.bat file and Bob's
> Your Uncle!

Does the VS Express Edition have the "vcbuild" command? The build bots
are using vcbuild instead of devenv. The professional edition has it.

c:\dev\python\trunk\PCbuild>vcbuild /useenv pcbuild.sln "Release|Win32"
Microsoft (R) Visual C++ Project Builder - Command Line Version 9.00.21022


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