[Python-Dev] Any Emacs tips for core developers?

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Mon Feb 4 01:53:42 CET 2008

    Brett> I noticed on the download page that http://www.python.org/emacs
    Brett> is listed as the place to get your modes for Python development
    Brett> (which seemed to lack any mention of Vim and the support in svn;
    Brett> a slight bias =). Is this true for core development as well?

Is what true?  That the above URL is the place to get code to support core
development or that the Vim crowd is being dissed?  <wink>

Barry and I are the nominal maintainers of the python-mode package:


I am also the guy more-or-less responsible for syncing python-mode with the
version delivered as part of the XEmacs packages (last synced about a week
ago).  The GNU Emacs folks wrote their own Python mode from scratch a couple
years ago.  Both are mentioned here:


I have no experience with the GNU Emacs code.

Finally, on a related note, François Pinard sent me a message yesterday
which I have yet to respond to.  He is apparently back in the Pymacs saddle.
I think a Pymacs-based Python mode would be very cool (in part because I am
really not an Emacs Lisp person).


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