[Python-Dev] Any Emacs tips for core developers?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Feb 4 21:39:16 CET 2008

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On Feb 4, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Neal Becker wrote:

> glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> [...]
>> Finally, for you Ubuntu developers, I'm also using the the pre- 
>> release
>> XFT GNU emacs, which is very pretty.  So far, despite stern and dire
>> warnings, it has had no stability issues:
>>    http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/XftGnuEmacs
>> Look for the "PPA" deb lines there, and you get a nicely prepackaged,
>> policy-compliant version of emacs with no need to build anything
>> yourself.
> FYI, I have built xft gnu emacs, as well as xft xemacs for fedora  
> F7/8.  I
> can make the srpms available if anyone wants them.
> I use xemacs all day every day and never see any problem (except for  
> some
> slight font droppings).

Me too, on multiple platforms.  Specifically, 21.5.28 (or .27) on OS X  
(Tiger & Leopard) and Linux (Ubuntu & Gentoo).  21.5.28 has one little  
buglet that I've already complained to Stephen about but other than  
that, it works beautifully.

FWIW, Skip and I will probably keep maintaining python-mode.el and I  
intend to update its syntax highlighting for Python 3 at some point.   
But for the most part, it just works well enough for me.

The reason there are two Python modes is the same reason there is FSF  
Emacs and XEmacs <wink>.

- -Barry

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