[Python-Dev] Initial attempt to PyCon sprint tutorial slides are up

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Tue Feb 5 02:26:38 CET 2008

Brett Cannon wrote:
> The 1 MB PDF can be found at
> http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~drifty/pycon/sprint_tutorial.pdf . If you find
> any bad info or some info that is really lacking, let me know. But
> please realize that my slides are never really meant to be read on
> their own as it just goes against my presentation style. So don't
> think that some slide doesn't go into enough detail unless there is
> some URL I am missing. Every slide will be discussed more during the
> presentation than what is on the slide.

I've written down some notes while I was reading your slide. Some of the
information may be covered by your speech but better safe than sorry. ;)

* Windows builds: Configuration "Debug" or build -c Debug builds a
Py_DEBUG build. All executables and extension modules are postfixed with
_d (python_d.exe, python.exe is always the standard build). Platform X64
builds for AMD64, PGO is not available in the Express edition

* Windows doesn't use automake but a hand crafted PC/pyconfig.h file.

* IRC is missing from the communication list (#python and #python-dev on
irc.freenode.net, #python-dev gets annotations of checkins and bug
tracker activity from CIA bot)

* Bug reports: Don't forget to fill in target version, component
(extension = Modules/), type (feature request is RFE = request for
enhancements). Priority and keywords get filled in by a developer.

* Checking: Don't forget to add an entry to Misc/NEWS. Always add a note
like "Closed in r12345" when you close a bug. The revision is important
und must have the form r12345. Add the bug tracker number #1234 to the
checkin message.

* Block back ports from automatic forward merging with ".../py3k$
svnmerge.py block -r 12345" or write a note in your checkin message that
the revision must not be merged.

* Windows tests: Use "rt -d" to run unit tests for a debug build. The rt
script accepts all options regrtest.py accepts + the option -q. The
argument length on Windows is limited, consider the -f file option.

* Building docs on Windows: Require command line svn tool. Use make.bat
in the Docs/ directory. Requires HTML Help compiler to build chm files

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