[Python-Dev] Mutable sequence .sort() signature

Daniel Stutzbach daniel at stutzbachenterprises.com
Wed Feb 13 21:09:57 CET 2008

On Feb 12, 2008 8:39 PM, Kurt B. Kaiser <kbk at shore.net> wrote:

> I'd say in PEP3100.  Here's a patch:
> http://bugs.python.org/issue2092

The suggested patch does not actually point to any discussion or rationale
for why this change was made; it just contains a pointer to this thread
(which is not very useful).  So, while I hate to open a can of worms: but
what's the rationale here?

Without the cmp argument, what's the concise way to spell something like
"sort a list of floats by absolute value"?  It'd be nice to have a stock
example to help users rewrite their code to work with 3.0.

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