[Python-Dev] Code freeze?

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Fri Feb 29 11:28:37 CET 2008

Georg Brandl wrote:
> For one thing, releases generate "news", meaning that people will be made
> aware that things are moving, that Python is well underway to its next
> major versions, and maybe will be more inclined to look at what's new,
> or check out a release.

I'd like to second that point of view: there's a kind of psychology of
the web which presumes that a lack of activity on a project's release
page indicates a defunct project. Even though you'd have to be really
quite perverse to suggest that Python is stagnant, the fact of being
able to announce to the world at large: "we're cutting our first 2.6
alpha release this Friday" is a clear indication that things are
happening in the Python world. Even if, as an earlier poster suggested,
all you're really doing is tagging a particular revision of your
Subversion tree.


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