[Python-Dev] Return type of round, floor, and ceil in 2.6

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Thu Jan 3 22:13:04 CET 2008

> We're thin on contributors as it is (have you noticed
> how few people are submitting anything at all lately?).

The people who are contributing are doing a nice job. Also, it was nice that the change was discussed on the list.

> 2.6 should be extremely compatible with 2.5 by default.

Good to hear that is still a primary goal.  Along the way, I worried that that sentiment had been lost and that little incompatibilities were sneaking in (iirc, the proposed transition plan for leading zeroes was headed down this path).

> The incentive for upgrading will be "you can reach 3.0 
> easier via 2.6" and perhaps "the latest version of 3rd 
> party software X runs best on 2.6". 

Does the 2to3 tool work from 2.5 or from 2.6 or does it make difference?  If it works from 2.5, I'm thinking my company will make the jump all at once (after the 3.x series stabilizes, gets optimized, and key third-party packages have been migrated).  

I'm also expecting that some chuck of users will be left in the 2.x world and that they would like highest version to be as clean as possible (with migration features going into the category of things that don't provide them any benefit). 

> Right now, in the trunk, math.float(1) returns 1,
> where it should return 1.0 for compatibility with 2.5.
> Jeffrey, can you fix this and similar incompatibilities
> you introduced? 

Thanks for zapping this.


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