[Python-Dev] PEP: Consolidating names and classes in the `unittest`module (updated 2008-07-15)

Janzert janzert at janzert.com
Tue Jul 15 05:15:59 CEST 2008

Raymond Hettinger wrote:
>> ``set_up(…)``
>>  Replaces ``setUp(…)``
> . .
>> ``tear_down(…)``
>>  Replaces ``tearDown(…)``
> Am I the only one who finds this sort of excessive pep-8 underscoring to 
> be horrorific?
> Nobody I know spells setup and teardown as two words. I dread using the 
> module with these new names. Underscores are not fun to type. They 
> create a weird_mental_pause when reading them.


And Merriam-Webster agrees,



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