[Python-Dev] Infix operators

Sebastien Loisel loisel at temple.edu
Thu Jul 24 02:21:18 CEST 2008

Dear Curt,

Thank you for your email.

Have you considered OCaml? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocaml) It's

I have. I've considered a lot of languages, but OCaml isn't for me. My
current language is MATLAB. Python is pretty close in syntax, and it's
widely accepted, so you can teach students Python and they can go out and
use it. You can also publish a paper and write a code snippet without having
to explain the syntax. I'm not trying to go out on the blistering leading
edge of computer language sophistication; that would not be good for my
students, and it would not be good for my research.

For most of my programs, what I need is a language where you don't need to
give types or declare variables, because that just takes up space and
obscures the math. So I need a mainstream dynamic language like Python or

OCaml is not dynamic, and linear algebra in OCaml is a pain in the neck
because of the explosion of the number of operators for various pairs of
operand types.


Sébastien Loisel
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