[Python-Dev] xmlrpclib.{True, False} (was Re: Assignment to None)

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Sun Jun 15 16:47:41 CEST 2008

Thomas Lee schrieb:
> Georg Brandl wrote:
>> Remember that it must still be possible to write (in 2.6)
>> True = 0
>> assert not True
> Ah of course. Looks like I should just avoid optimizations of 
> Name("True") and Name("False") all together. That's a shame!

We can of course decide to make assignment to True and False
illegal in 2.7 :)


Thus spake the Lord: Thou shalt indent with four spaces. No more, no less.
Four shall be the number of spaces thou shalt indent, and the number of thy
indenting shall be four. Eight shalt thou not indent, nor either indent thou
two, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Tabs are right out.

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