[Python-Dev] Status of Issue 2331 - Backport parameter annotations

dbpokorny at gmail.com dbpokorny at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 03:05:27 CEST 2008

On Jun 19, 4:16 pm, "Guido van Rossum" <gu... at python.org> wrote:
> complex change to the syntax and code generator. Your motivation is
> also suspect: 2.6 is supposed to be a stepping stone towards 3.0, not
> a safe haven for people who don't like certain 3.0 features. Just get

Guilty as charged :) I tried out 3.0, decided I didn't like certain
features I found annoying, and now I want to get the features (well
only one feature right now) I like into 2.x so I can go back...I have
some energy to do this, and I'm willing to learn, and I asked this
list because I hoped someone would take pity on me and lend some help.
What is my sentence, exile to outer PHP-iberia?

At any rate, I am still interested if anyone has a working patch for
this against the trunk, or any pointers for adapting 53170, words of
experience when changing the grammar, additions to PEP 306, etc... any
help would be greatly appreciated!


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