[Python-Dev] Patch for trunk test_winsound.py (fixes my buildbot)

Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 11:13:28 CET 2008

Trent Nelson wrote:
> winsound.Beep fails for me on the 'x86 2k8 trunk' build slave, which
> is a virtual Windows Server 2008 instance running under Hyper-V.  Not
> surprisingly, there's not a single audio-related device on this
> system.  The attached patch to test_winsound.py incorporates the
> _have_soundcard() checks to the BeepTest class, which fixes the
> problem for me.  (I've also tested the patch on a Vista system (that
> does have a soundcard) and everything works as expected.)


While the patches are appreciated, please submit them to the tracker at 
bugs.python.org rather than mailing them directly to this list.


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