[Python-Dev] 2.6 and 3.0 tasks

"Martin v. Lšwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Mar 16 18:04:29 CET 2008

>>> * Replace Windows API calls with wide versions to support unicode
>>>  for file names, environment etc.
>> +1. This should be broken into separate tasks for each API.
> What are we referring to here?  Calling the W versions explicitly and
> using wchar_t for everything, or using the TCHAR/TEXT() approach and
> keeping the API calls the same, letting the #define UNICODE do the
> work behind the scenes?

Not sure whose being attributed here, but I think "breaking down"
should be done by "information source": command line, environment,
registry, file names, sys.path, module names, etc.

I have a patch on SF to resolve the command line issue.

I don't think we should use Microsoft's Unicode programming model
around TCHAR/TEXT. It would allow for two different builds, and
given that we don't need to support W9X anymore, an "ANSI" build
is pointless, IMO.


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