[Python-Dev] SVN FAQ for Windows users

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Mar 21 22:46:01 CET 2008

> --- snippet ---
> If you're using Windows make sure you have TortoiseSVN installed.
> Right-click on the folder containing the trunk source code, expand the
> TortoiseSVN submenu and select 'Apply Patch...'. Browse to the patch
> file and select it,  then right click on the file appearing in the
> 'File Patches' window and click on 'Patch selected'. After you're
> done, close the TortoiseMerge window.
> --- /snippet ---

That never worked for me. TortoiseSVN then insists on fetching the
revisions mentioned in the patch, runs some math, and tells me that
I can't apply the patch because it is out of date (assuming it really
is, which is normally the case when I get to look at a patch).

I then try cygwin patch, which applies the patch nicely, but messes
up the line endings while doing so.

So in the end, I conclude that it just isn't possible to apply patches
on Windows, and log into a Linux machine to apply the patch.


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