[Python-Dev] windows standard [was: PEP 365 (Adding the pkg_resources module)]

Jim Jewett jimjjewett at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 03:16:55 CET 2008

Terry Reedy
> The standard (and to me, preferable)  way of dealing
> with such things is to  have an 'installation manager'
> that can reinstall as well as delete and  that has a
> check box for various things to delete.  This is what
> Python  needs.

Paul Moore:
> I'd dispute strongly that this is a "standard".
> It may be preferable, but I'm not sure where you
> see evidence of it being a standard.

When I install a large program (such as developer tools, or python
itself) on Windows, I expect a choice of "default" or "custom".   When
I choose custom, I expect a list of components, which can be chosen,
not chosen, or mixed (meaning that it has subcomponents, only some of
which are chosen).

The whole thing only shows up once in Add/Remove programs.  If I
select it, I do get options to Change or Repair.  These let me change
my mind on which subcomponents are installed.

If I install python and then separately install Zope, it may or may
not make sense for Zope to be listed separately as a "program" to Add
or Remove.  It does not make sense (to me anyhow) have several
individual packages within Zope each listed independently at the
Windows level.  (Though, to be fair, many (non-python) applications
*do* make more than one entry.)


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