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Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Wed May 14 01:54:35 CEST 2008

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Gregory P. Smith wrote:
| After that, merging his changes into trunk will be relatively easy and I
| think we should give jcea commit access and let him do it and henceforth
| use python svn as the official repository for the pybsddb code and
| documentation.
| I do not see this as a daunting task assuming jcea is willing to be
| volunteered to do the merge and to handle any py3k merge issues that
| come up.

Well, I would like to keep bsddb3 alive outside python SVN. There are a
few reasons (like being able to accept foreign patches, for instance);
the main one is: I've published *four* bsddb3 versions in the last 3-4
months. Each release gives a quantum leap improvement in Berkeley DB
support (for example, replication and distributed transactions). If I
link the bsddb releases to python ones, progress would be very slow.

In current state, bsddb3 still needs a lot of work to catch current
Berkeley DB feature sets. I think I can publish a new release per month
until 2009. Those releases will be consistent improvements in Berkeley
DB support. But I don't want to link Python with this much needed bsddb3
releases. My intention is to upgrade python bsddb3 versions from time to
time, enough to keep them fresh without burden you with constant
patches. On time for official releases.

Moreover, keeping the bsddb3 separate will allow me to publish a new
release when Oracle updates Berkeley DB. This has been a serious issue
in the past. bsddb3, as a separate project, can support last Berkeley DB
release without python build servers needing a BDB upgrade and users
waiting a full release cycle (months).

A last point: I can provide bsddb3 packages for python 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5,

That said, I'm very interested in being a good python-dev netizen. I
will do what needed to merge patches back and forth. I will read your
comments with maximum interest. I will have the buildbot webpage open
permanently :-). I will do the python 3.0 necessary changes when time
comes. And Python will integrate a bsddb3 library proved in the wild,
verified against 5 different python releases and 8 different Berkeley DB

And I will love to do additional work in python, aside bsddb.

Let me show you that I can do it...

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