[Python-Dev] Using Cython for standard library?

Brendan O'Connor brenocon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 10:52:53 CET 2008

>>> Is using Cython for anything in Modules/ really an option? In my limited
>>> experiments with it, I did like it.
>>> But using it for Python standard library stuff doesn't look quite right to
>>> me:
>>> - Option 1: distribute Cython with Python and integrate into build process
>>> -- Ouch!
>> Can you be a bit more descriptive?
> Cython is still being worked on (intensively, it seems). Bundling it
> with Python means deciding on a particular version probably for
> an entire major release lifecycle (use Cython x.y.{newest} for
> Python 2.7, for example).

If we're talking about Cython for core libraries...

For the subset of python that also works in Cython, I've seen a 10-30%
performance speedups on (admittedly trivial) test code.  Conceivably,
*everything* could be Cython-compiled if you cared about performance
more than transparency.


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