[Python-Dev] Looking for VCS usage scenarios

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Thu Nov 6 09:40:50 CET 2008

Stephen J. Turnbull schrieb:
> Tres Seaver writes:
>  > svn doesn't have any true tags, AFAIK:  everything is a branch.
> Yow!  I couldn't have imagined that would be true.  And didn't....

It's not exactly true either. svn doesn't have either tags or branches,
it has only a single (directory) tree per repository, of which individual
subdirectories can be checked out individually. This is the root of the
usual first step in creating a SVN repo: make "branches", "trunk" and
"tags" subdirs.

In this context it is not surprising that there is no separate branch or
tag concept. I think the reason is that CVS *had* branches and tags as
separate concepts and it must have been relatively painful to use them.


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