[Python-Dev] A statistic for Python tickets

Facundo Batista facundobatista at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 03:08:40 CET 2008

Hi all! I generated this info for other list, thought that it could be
valuable to share it here...

I've been collecting some statistics since January, as I'm concerned
about the issue of tickets quantity just getting higher.

I've been saving twice a day (everytime I generate this [0] info), the
following numbers for *still open* tickets:

 - How many tickets are open since: less than one week, between one
week and two months, between two months and a year, more than a year.

- How many tickets don't have any comment in the same periods.

- How many tickets per keyword.

- How many tickets per version.

I just graphed the first number.... how many tickets are open since
the different periods. As you can see here [1], the tickets that are
open since less than a week remain more or less constant. Those opened
between a week and two months even seem to go down a little in the
last weeks.

But those opened more than two months ago just increase.

Looking at this information, and applying some experience with the
tickets, my conclusion is that when a ticket is fresh, is easier to
handle it, but when a ticket starts to getting older, it just stalls.

I can think now two reasons for this behaviour: the first is that in
some tickets when a discussion arises, sometimes it gets to a dead
point, from where it's very difficult to get out. The second is that
in a lot of cases more info is needed from the OP, and the older the
ticket, the less responsive is the OP.

In general, I think that a lot of older tickets drain a lot of effort
from developers, but I don't know which is the best way to handle
this, :(

Note: the "jump" that appears in the numbers at the beginning was an
import of old SourceForge tickets to the new system, IIRC.


[0] http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/cgi-bin/pytickets.py
[1] http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/facundo/stathist.png

.    Facundo

Blog: http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/plog/
PyAr: http://www.python.org/ar/

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